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New Haven Museum
Lunarfest, New Haven
Fellowship Place, New Haven
Yale Graduate School Wellness
Elm City College Prep Field Trip
Diversity Block Party, Yale University
All Our Kin
Working Women at Yale
Chapel Haven, New Haven

For over two decades, Aiping Tai Chi has been a proud community leader providing community wellness programs throughout Connecticut.

We offer corporate and community wellness programs to organizations throughout Connecticut. Our wellness programs are developed by Shifu Shirley Chock who is a certified corporate wellness specialist and built the programs around her personal experiences utilizing Tai Chi techniques in her finance and administration leadership career prior to taking over Aiping Tai Chi. Each program is custom tailored to the organization’s wellness goals. We offer the following:

Educational programs designed to teach individuals techniques that can help them manage stress, navigate conflict and change, improve productivity, overcome fear and increase inner strength, and enhance quality of life.

Relaxation and mindfulness breaks to help individuals relax and recharge.

Wellness fair activities to engage attendees and increase participation.

Cultural performances to showcase Chinese cultural arts.

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