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Shifu Shirley Chock, CCWS

Shifu Shirley Chock (aka The Stressbender) is the Owner and Executive Director of Aiping Tai Chi. She has been studying under Grandmaster Aiping Cheng since 2001 and served as the school’s assistant director before taking over ownership in 2017. Shirley led the Aiping Tai Chi competition team, winning multiple grand championships in national and international competitions, including winning the 2006 U.S. Wushu Union Women’s National Champion. Shirley is a certified corporate wellness specialist and created Aiping Tai Chi’s wellness programs.

Shirley is Aiping Tai Chi’s head Health Qigong instructor. Shirley is a certified Health Qigong instructor under the Chinese Health Qigong Association and holds the distinction of earning the top score at the 2019 U.S. Health Qigong exams.

Prior to focusing her training entirely to internal martial arts, Shirley studied wushu kung fu under Grandmaster Cheng and mixed martial arts in her younger years.

Shirley holds an economics degree from University of Chicago and had a successful career in different finance and administration leadership roles before taking over Aiping Tai Chi in 2017. She was named by Working Mother Magazine and Yale University as their 2012 Working Mother of the Year. Shirley discovered her Tai Chi training was a secret weapon that enabled her to effortlessly advance in her career because she didn’t suffer from the same debilitating levels of stress as her peers. She was also able to utilize Tai Chi martial arts philosophies to successfully navigate conflict situations. Under Shirley’s direction, Aiping Tai Chi has emerged as a leader in translating the ancient and esoteric philosophies of Tai Chi into relevant and relatable techniques to combat stressful modern life.

Shirley is a certified corporate wellness specialist and launched Aiping Tai Chi’s wellness programs, designed to provide effective stress management techniques for increased productivity and quality of life. She is also a content creator, becoming the first affiliate streaming internal martial arts content and growing the Aiping Tai Chi YouTube channel into partner status.