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What are the differences between the Tai Chi styles you teach?

The most popular style of Tai Chi practiced around the world is Yang style Tai Chi because it is often what you think of when you think of the term moving meditation. The emphasis in Yang style Tai Chi is to relax into movement and move in slow, even paced rhythm. We recommend beginners who are brand new to Tai Chi to start with Yang Style Tai Chi.

Chen style Tai Chi is the oldest family style of Tai Chi. The founder of Yang style Tai Chi, Yang Luchan, originally learned Chen style Tai Chi in the Chen Village in the Henan province in China. Chen style Tai Chi is known for its mix of slow and fast movements and its explosions of power called fa jin. We recommend our Chen style Tai Chi classes to those who have strong physical conditioning because the movements are more physically demanding than the other Tai Chi styles.

Sun style Tai Chi is the youngest of the major family styles, founded by Sun Lutang who was a famous master of the internal martial arts of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. After he mastered Wu style Tai Chi later in life, he developed his own Sun style Tai Chi that incorporates elements from all three arts. Our Sun style class is open to those who have prior Tai Chi or other internal martial arts experience.