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Our School

26 Years Strong
Since 1996, Aiping Tai Chi has helped thousands of students discover the benefits of authentic tai chi and qigong. We invite you to join our family and learn how to overcome stress through tai chi.
Our Founder
We were founded by Grandmaster Aiping Cheng, one of the world’s authorities in Chinese martial arts, and three-time winner of China’s National Tai Chi Championships. Learn more about Grandmaster Aiping Cheng and her place in the Yang, Chen, and Sun family lineages.
Our approach
Authentic tai chi is so much more than wellness: it is truly an internal martial art which connects your mind and body. To bring the full benefits of this ancient practice, we explain tai chi principles and philosophy so our students fully understand what they are doing.
We are passionate about helping people overcome stress through tai chi and qigong. We believe Tai Chi is Stressbending and we invite you to become a stressbender through these ancient techniques.
Our local community
Aiping Tai Chi provides wellness programs and demonstrations for schools and community organizations in Connecticut. Join us at events and festivals where we teach tai chi to hundreds of participants!
Our worldwide community
Today we have grown beyond our Connecticut school to introduce tai chi to a worldwide community, through our digital content on Twitch, YouTube, and Patreon. These platforms allow us to introduce tai chi to a brand new generation.