Aiping Tai Chi Aiping Tai Chi

Form Movement Names

Yang Style Tai Chi

Ping Gate of Life: Standardized Yang 10 Form​ (Once on each side)

  1. Commence form and parting wild horse’s mane
  2. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  3. Waving hands like clouds
  4. Golden rooster standing on one leg
  5. Brush knee and press
  6. ​​Single whip
  7. Fair maiden works the shuttle
  8. ​Repulse the monkey
  9. Heel kicks
  10. Snake creeps down

Standardized Yang 24 Form

  1. Commence form
  2. Parting wild horse’s mane (3 times)
  3. White crane spreads its wings
  4. Brush knee and press (3 times)
  5. Play the lute
  6. Repulse the monkey (4 times)
  7. Grasp the sparrow’s tail (left and right)
  8. Single whip
  9. Wave hands like clouds
  10. Single whip
  11. High pat on horse
  12. ​Right heel kick
  13. ​Strike opponent’s ears with fists
  14. Turn around, left heel kick
  15. Snake creeps down
  16. Golden rooster standing on left leg
  17. Snake creeps down
  18. Golden rooster standing on right leg
  19. Fair lady works the shuttles (right and left)
  20. Needles at sea bottom
  21. Fan through back
  22. Turn around, block, parry and punch
  23. Withdraw and push
  24. Cross hands and close form

Traditional Yang 108 Form

  1. Commence form
  2. Ward off (left)
  3. Ward off (right)
  4. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  5. Single whip
  6. Lifting hands
  7. White crane spreads its wings
  8. Brush knee and press
  9. Play the lute
  10. Brush knee and press (3 times)
  11. Play the lute
  12. Brush knee and press
  13. Deflect downward, intercept, punch
  14. Withdraw and push
  15. Like sealing, as if closing
  16. Crossing hands
  17. Embrace tiger, return to mountain
  18. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  19. Fist under elbow
  20. Repulse the monkey (right)
  21. Repulse the monkey (left)
  22. Repulse the monkey (right)
  23. Diagonal flying
  24. Lifting hands
  25. White crane spreads its wings
  26. Brush knee and press
  27. Needles at sea bottom
  28. Fan through back
  29. Turn, chop with fist and punch
  30. Deflect downward, intercept, punch
  31. Step forward and ward off (right)
  32. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  33. Single whip
  34. Waving hands like clouds
  35. Single whip
  36. High pat on horse
  37. Kick right foot (toe kick)
  38. Kick left foot (toe kick)
  39. Turn and kick with left heel
  40. Brush knee and press
  41. Brush knee and press
  42. Step forward, downward punch
  43. Turn, chop with fist and punch
  44. Deflect downward, intercept and punch
  45. Kick right foot (toe kick)
  46. Hit tiger at left
  47. Hit tiger at right
  48. Kick right foot (heel kick)
  49. Strike opponent’s ears with fists
  50. Kick left foot (heel kick)
  51. Turn around, kick with right heel
  52. Intercept and punch
  53. Withdraw and push
  54. Like sealing, as if closing
  55. Cross hands
  56. Embrace tiger, return to mountain
  57. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  58. Diagonal single whip
  59. Diagonal flying (right)
  60. Diagonal flying (left)
  61. Diagonal flying (right)
  62. Ward off (left)
  63. Ward off (right)
  64. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  65. Single whip
  66. Fair lady works the shuttles (corner)
  67. Fair lady works the shuttles (corner)
  68. Fair lady works the shuttles (corner)
  69. Fair lady works the shuttles (corner)
  70. Ward off (left)
  71. Ward off (right)
  72. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  73. Single whip
  74. Waving hands like clouds
  75. Single whip
  76. Snake creeps down
  77. Golden rooster stand on left leg
  78. Golden rooster stand on right leg
  79. Repulse the monkey (right)
  80. Repulse the monkey (left)
  81. Repulse the monkey (right)
  82. Diagonal flying
  83. Lifting hands
  84. White crane spreads its wings
  85. Brush knee and press
  86. Needle at sea bottom
  87. Fan through back
  88. White snake sticks out tongue
  89. Deflect downward, intercept, punch
  90. Grasp the sparrow’s tail
  91. Single whip
  92. Waving hands like clouds
  93. Single whip
  94. High pat on horse with piercing palm
  95. Crossing palms
  96. Turn around, kick with right heel
  97. Punch opponent’s groin
  98. Step forward, grasp the sparrow’s tail
  99. Single whip
  100. Snake creep down
  101. Seven step to the dipper
  102. Step back, ride the tiger
  103. Turn around, sweep the lotus
  104. Draw bow, shoot tiger
  105. Deflect downward, intercept, punch
  106. Withdraw and push
  107. Cross hands
  108. Closing form

Tai Chi Weapons

42 Tai Chi Sword (42 Taiji Jian)

  1. Commencing form
  2. Point the sword, feet together
  3. Cut with sword, bow stance
  4. Chop, lift the knee
  5. Block, left bow stance
  6. Slice upward, left empty stance
  7. Slice upward, right bow stance
  8. Hold the sword, lift the knee
  9. Kick and stab forward
  10. Jump step and stab with a flat sword
  11. Turn the body and stab down
  12. Chop with flat sword, bow stance
  13. Snap the sword, bow stance
  14. Press the sword, resting stance
  15. ​Step in and circle to entwine the sword
  16. Lift the knee and stab upward
  17. Intercept downward, empty stance
  18. Draw right and left with the flat sword
  19. Vertical chop, bow stance
  20. Lift the sword, t-stance
  21. Separate right foot and point back
  22. Thread the sword, crouch stance
  23. Kick and block up with the sword
  24. Lift the knee and point the sword
  25. Sweep to the side, crouch side
  26. Intercept downward, bow stance
  27. Stab downward, bow stance
  28. Stir the clouds left and right
  29. Chop, bow stance
  30. Lift the leg behind and block up
  31. Point, t-stance
  32. Push the sword, horse stance
  33. Stand on one leg and lift up
  34. Step forward, hook and point
  35. Snap the sword, resting stance
  36. Reverse stab, bow stance
  37. Turn and stab downward
  38. Lift the knee and the sword
  39. Thread the sword, circular walking
  40. Swing the leg and block up
  41. Stab straight, bow stance
  42. Closing form

Chinese Health Qigong

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Section Brocade)

  1. Holding the Hands High with Palms Up to Regulate the Internal Organs (6 times)
  2. Posing as an Archer Shooting Both Left-and Right-Handed (3 times each, alternating left and right)
  3. Holding One Arm Aloft to Regulate the Function of the Spleen and Stomach (3 times each, alternating left and right)
  4. Looking Backwards to Prevent Sickness and Strain (3 times each, alternating left and right)
  5. Swinging the Head and Lowering the Body to Relieve Stress (3 times each, alternating right and left)
  6. Moving the Hands down the Back and Legs, and Touching the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys (6 times)
  7. Thrusting the Fists and Making the Eyes Glare to Enhance Strength (3 times each, alternating left and right)
  8. ​Raising and Lowering the Heels to Cure Diseases (7 times)

Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Play)

  1. Tiger: ​1a. Raising the tiger’s paws; ​​1b. Seizing the prey
  2. Deer: 2a. Collding with antlers; 2b. Running like a deer
  3. Bear: 3a. Rotating waist like a bear; 3b. Swaying like a bear
  4. Monkey: 4a. Lifting the monkey’s paws; 4b. Picking fruit
  5. Crane: 5a. Stretching upward; 5b. Flying like a crane

Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa (12-Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises)

  1. Beginning of Heaven’s Creation
  2. Double Fish Hung on the Wall
  3. Old Horse is Stabled
  4. Ji Chang Shoots a Louse
  5. Bending the Body to Brush the Shoes
  6. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
  7. Lotus Flower Appears Above the Water
  8. Golden Rooster Heralds the Dawn
  9. Wild Geese Lands on the Beach
  10. White Crane Flies High in the Clouds
  11. Phoenix Salutes the People
  12. ​Qi and Breath Return to the Origin

Yi Jin Jing

  1. Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 1
  2. Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 2
  3. Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 3
  4. Plucking Stars on Each Side
  5. Pulling Nine Cows by Their Tail
  6. Showing Talons and Spreading Wings
  7. Nine Ghosts Drawing Sabers
  8. Sinking the Three Bodily Zones
  9. Black Dragon Displaying Its Claws
  10. Tiger Springing on Its Prey
  11. Bowing Down in Salutation
  12. Swinging the Tail